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Fencing Products

As well as being one of the largest independent sawmills in the UK, we are also arguably the largest specialist fencing supplier. We offer a flexible and personal service to customers of all sizes producing a comprehensive range of products for the domestic, agricultural, highways and municipal markets. These include main contractors and landscaping companies, as well as stockists, wholesalers, agricultural merchants and fence panel manufacturers.

Our main aim as a manufacturer is to provide the complete package - a wide range of products at competitive prices to both large and small customers, whilst maintaining a flexible and personal service. Our commitment to these principles, with continued investment in production machinery and our surrounding infrastructure, has enabled us to develop a strong reputation, building long term repeat business with many of our existing customers, many of which have been with us from the transition of hardwoods to softwoods some thirty years ago.

Our ETC SAWN standard range of high performance fencing timbers are pressure pretreated with TANALITH preservative to a 15 year specification against the threat of decay or insect attack.

Whilst our large mill capacities enable us to deliver substantial volumes of high turnover products we also offer a "one stop shop" fencing products service to smaller contractors, agricultural merchants and retail stockists.

We are able to produce both imperial and metric dimensions products.

As standard we mill lengths from 1800mm to 3600mm, in 300mm increments, and then, if required, can cross-cut back to any desired length. We can cut to a maximum cross section of up to 200mm x 200mm and can machine our timber to just about every requirement. We are continuously manufacturing large volumes of standard posts, rail and board sizes and keep substantial stocks to ensure we can offer a prompt delivery. Click here to view our standard range of fencing timbers.

Here are just a few types of end uses we are repeatedly manufacturing

  • Panel Components: Feather edge, back-rails and capping.

  • Close board fencing: Machined posts, arris or cant-rails, gravel boards, counter and capping rail, feather-edge, stumps and cleats.

  • Post and Rail Fencing: Both nailed and morticed types, scarfed rails, pointed posts and prick posts.

  • Palisade Fencing: Pointed, round, chisel or square top palisade components.

  • Knee-Rail Fencing: 'V' Topped posts with rails and straps.

  • Timber Bollards/Gate Posts: Rounded tops, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Way weathered, drilled, recessed or routed.

All our fencing timbers are pressure preservative pre-treated in our own facilities using next generation TANALITH wood preservative to help ensure a long and low maintenance service life. We offer both green and brown treatment colour options. Click here for more details of our preservative treatments.